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22 Bayview Avenue Studio F
Stonington, CT, 06378
United States


      At Sacred Lotus Massage our intention is to provide a therapeutic and compassionate space for individuals in need of regaining a sense of self and unity of body, mind, and spirit.  Our Integrative & Intuitive massage techniques facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

       Individuals will have an increased body awareness allowing for great self-discoveries and liberation of the many daily stresses created within our bodies muscles and tissues.

      Sacred Lotus offers a sanctuary for each individual to be able to quiet the mind while the body resets itself to a healthy natural state of being.

Therapist Bio

Shayna began her journey and found her passion as a licensed Massage Therapist in 2014, after graduating from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy (CCMT) located in Groton, CT. She is the proud owner and Massage Therapist at Sacred Lotus Massage Studio. She strongly believes in the mind-body connection and the human healing potential.  Shayna spent most of her youth plagued by anxiety. It was bad enough to hinder what should have been amazing childhood experiences, into hours of panic, guilt, and even physical illness brought on by the anxiety attacks.  Luckily through methods of deep breathing, skillful mantras, and the use of bodywork modalities, Shayna was able to overcome her anxiety from years of practicing these methods in real life situations.  She has proven mind over body to herself many times in her life by becoming, scuba diving certified, skydiving out of an airplane, appearing in a musical on stage, performing in a Fife & Drum Corp as a snare drummer for two years, and of course becoming a Massage Therapist and Small Business Owner.  Massage Therapy can help facilitate healing on many levels of the body from your cells and muscle tissue, to the emotional component of stress that life so often throws our way.  Shayna's passion is to share her knowledge and empower her clients to take time out of their busy lives to create a wellness plan for a more balanced and healthy life.